What is WabiHost?

We are a group of Spanish food lovers eager to make friends from all over the word by showing the richness of our traditional gastronomy. Our mission is to welcome everyone interested in learning about Spanish cuisine and culture, not from a classroom or a tour guide but from experiencing a bit of local daily life.

We welcome visitors like we welcome friends, directly to our homes and our table

Why Wabi?

Wabi is an old Japanese word impossible to translate but that teaches us to appreciate the beauty of simple rustic things. We identify ourselves with this idea because we want to get back to our grandmothers’ traditions. They used to make do with what was available at hand, grew close to home and in season. We want to adventure in those old kitchens to rescue some of the values we need today, those related to authenticity and nature.

What does WabiHost offer?

We offer a learning and sensorial experience centred around local gastronomy. A host organises a private visit to those lucky guests interested in true Spanish cuisine. We don’t target high cuisine nor tourist menus but dishes locals eat daily and recipes that are more than a hundred years old.

Experiences vary according to season and our guests preferences:


Who is WabiHost for?

Everyone is welcome and we like to offer personalised service for those who are eager to learn and have a nice time during their visit to Spain. However, it is true that our experiences are thought to for people who want to escape from traditional tours which might be boring or repetitive. WabiHost is for people who seek the simplest side of life and share it with new friends.



Veronica Bono

Veronica Bono

Expert in International Commerce and Marketing, she has extensive experience in administration, graphic design and account management and great social skills. At the same time he participated in numerous workshops for business training in her native Almeria, Spain.

Intrepid traveler and athlete, has traveled the most remote routes of traditional tourism in countries from Mexico to New Zealand. This gives her a unique understanding of “alternative tourism”, the new way of traveling and knowing the world.

Proud of Spain, she loves the products of her land and without a doubt it is the best to sell them.

Matías Ferrer

Matías Ferrer

Graduated as a professional chef and manager of gastronomic ventures from the Mausi Sebess Institute of International Gastronomy, he has worked in restaurants in Argentina and England and participated in regional cooking courses in Italy, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam and India. With a postgraduate degree in English language teaching from Cambridge University, he has been teaching  more than six years which gives him experience with an international student body from more than fifty countries. Bilingual in English and Spanish, he shows a genuine interest in languages and foreign cultures.

Of Spanish / Argentinian nationality, almost two years ago he calls Madrid his home and is proud to show the world the richness of Spain’s cuisine.

Why is WabiHost different?

We are not mass industry and we don’t work with it. We search for authenticity and quality which is why we only work with fresh, local ingredients of excellent reputation. This brings us closer to the humble national producers so we can present the best of Spain to the world. We want people to recognise this cuisine as a rich flavoursome one. We believe in responsible and sustainable tourism. This is why we only take small groups of no more than six people. This helps us to create a nice comfy atmosphere so typical of Spanish culture.

All of this makes us unique because we don’t work driven by money but passion and values. This is reflected on our guests’ satisfaction who leave having experienced something completely different to a tour or a visit to a “local” recommended restaurant.



Live a unique gastronomic experience in Madrid.
Let yourself be carried away by the excitement of living like a local for a few hours!

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