“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” wrote the famous Irish author George Bernard Shaw in one of his works. At WabiHost we do not want anyone to be left without enjoying this pure and delicious love that good food gives us. That’s why we wrote a special post recommending the best bakeries in Madrid for vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant and those who seek to watch the line without sacrificing flavour.

Bread making Celikatessen

Cortesía de Celikatessen

Firstly, we would like to mention some traditional Spanish sweets that are naturally gluten-free or lactose-free. For example, Rice Pudding is made all around Spain and does not have any kind of flour. The Crema Catalana, typical of Catalonia, does not have gluten in its original recipe. And for those who cannot consume lactose either, the famous Tarta de Santiago, typical from Galicia, is the star here. The truth is that we love this cake because as it contains just almonds, sugar and eggs, it is free from wheat and dairy. Needless to say, it is spectacular.

The best alternative bakeries in Madrid

Celikatessen is the gem in the crown of the alternative bakeries in Madrid. Their delicious 100% buckwheat bread has no comparison whatsoever with the versions found in supermarkets. Sergio, its pastry chef has kindly explained to us that those found in the supermarkets are usually modified with starch and unhealthy sugar. The are notorious for their gluten-free/lactose-free desserts of which we would like to highlight the green tea cake. Their products are ecologic and also bet for traditional local markets. 

It’s definitely worth visiting them but if you’re far away they deliver everywhere in Spain. 

Lactose-free cake

Lactose-free cake at Celikatessen

Sana Locura is a wonderful gluten-free bakery. They are not in the tourist center of the city but it is worth drop by to get to know their high quality homemade products.

Celicioso is another bakery that has grown a lot since its inauguration in 2012. It is in Madrid city center and has a very nice lounge to sit and enjoy its products. All without gluten and some without lactose/sugar. 

Freedom Cakes, a bakery that besides making vegan desserts, have many options for gluten/lactose intolerants. They are in the center of Madrid and make cakes upon request so that you can enjoy a treat in any special occasion.

At WabiHost we have options for those who want to know the rich Spanish gastronomy but suffer from intolerances or follow specific diets. If you are one of them and want to book a foodie tour in Madrid, just drop us an email when you book and we will take care of everything.