In Wabi Host we want to show the most wonderful jewels of the Spanish gastronomy. That is why we organise gastronomic tours in Madrid outside the tourist routes for locals and visitors alike. Here we present true Spanish delicacies and today it is the turn of some amazing Spanish wine: Galicia.

To talk about wines from Galicia is to talk about white wines. Although Galicia produces red wine as well as white wine, it is the latter that gives remarkable reputation to this region. And it the Albariño grape that best adapts to the rainy and humid climate of this Spanish region. This variety is extremely aromatic but unfortunately it does not produce much juice. Thus making these wines usually expensive. The good thing is that they are delightfully fresh and fruity, an excellent pair for seafood and light fish dishes.

Galicia’s Denominations of Origin wines

D.O Rías Baixas: It usually gives fresh, aromatic and fruity wines. Due to an extremely humid soil that could lead to the appearance of fungi in grapes, tall trellis structures are usually used in this region.

D.O Valdeorras: Although they also make red wine here, white ones are more famous. These are characterised by their acidity and a penetrating aroma.

D.O Ribeiro: In this region of Ourense, they have been making red wines for a long time, but their white relatives have surpassed them. For these they usually use grapes from the Treixadura, Loureiro, Torrontés and Godello variety.

D.O Monterrei: Their reds are light easy to drink, yet again the whites opaque them. They won their denomination of origin label in 1996 and mixtures of white grapes feature in their elaboration.

D.O Ribeira Sacra: Some interesting reds here but mainly with the Mencía grape growing on slate soil. For this reason perhaps it is that some of them have a mineral note.

If you would like to know more about Spanish wine and give them a try on your next visit to Madrid, contact us! We’ll be happy to welcome you and show you the wonders of true Spanish food.