Are you one of those people who try to escape from the asphalt at least for a while every day? Do you need a moment of refuge in readings, sports or with friends in Madrid? Then you cannot miss the recommendation that WabiHost has brought for you: the top 5 authentic terraces, respectful, away from consumerism that understand the gastronomic experience in spaces with a different stamp. The only thing we intend with this ranking is to delight your senses. So let’s go through it together.


An oasis of nature and wood are waiting for you in this food market. An old palace, which puts at your disposal four different spaces, of which its wonderful terrace delights any visitor. They also have a store, which Wabihost applauds, with “noble food” fresh from the field, without the processing that makes it lose its authenticity. Because of this, the Warehouse is a must if you are looking for a different experience in Madrid.

Location: C/ Lagasca (Barrio de Salamanca)

Doña Tecla

This impressive complex of 200m2 does not have a special colour, it has many … and it is simply impossible to resist the charms of its garden: an environment surrounded by palm trees, bamboo, medlars and olive trees. You will succumb to their delicious menu. Eminently Spanish cuisine, you can touch the perfect key choosing tapas with a young wine, one of their chic salads or one of their handmade desserts. The place is a hit at any time of the year, whether for tapas, brunch or dinner, this place, no doubt, fills your day with colour.

Location:  Calle del Pintor Juan Gris, 2, 28020 Madrid

Image from Doña Tecla

La Tita Rivera

You know that it is a special place as soon as you open the door, not only because of the freedom that is breathed in Chueca, but because everything is cool there. Cool and gay. It’s the ideal place if you visit downtown Madrid and you want some space. The floor and the wooden benches with small trees around full of little lights make you love the night there and see this face of Madrid. Of course, there is no lack of nachos, octopus, alternative concepts of hamburgers and their cans, the brand of the house.

Location: Calle Perez Galdos 4, 28004 Madrid, España

Jardín del museo (the one of the Romanticism)

Evocative, dreamy, romantic … a coffee here is not rushed. Just know that it is he who inspires you and sets the times. The Romanticism goes out through each pore of this terrace and it is worth getting carried away. The visit to the museum, of course, is the perfect complement for a breakfast in mornings dedicated solely to you and your feelings. Please come with a notebook and a pen because you will remember this experience.

Location: Calle de San Mateo, 13, 28004 Madrid