Caña (half-pint), pint or jar. Draught or bottle. Craft or industrial. Malt or wheat, with or without alcohol. At WabiHost we have a beer for everyone. When you come to visit Spain, contact us to go around Madrid and have a drink with us. We’ll take you to learn and taste the best beers in Spain with authentic tapas and the best atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, here we have a brief introduction to beer in Spain to make your mouth water.

Beer in Spain

Beer is probably one of the oldest drinks that humanity has produced. The ancient Egyptians already made this drink and even had festivals in which beer played a key role. Its production spread throughout the world over the years and today there are few countries that do not have at least one national beer.

Of course Spain is not the exception as it is one of the most popular drinks. In fact in, here we have several breweries that stand out for their quality and variety. Estrella de Galicia, Alhambra, Cruzcampo, Estrella Damm, Ambar, San Miguel and of course Mahou from Madrid. These are the most famous Spanish industrial beers but there are also other lesser known ones that we would like to recommend.

At WabiHost we like to always recommend the best local food and drinks. So if you visit Madrid, do not miss out on a cold Mahou in summer. We especially like Mahou Maestra, which is a toasted lager. However, if you prefer not to drink alcohol for whatever reason, we recommend you try the Mahou 0.0 Tostada that is delicious. It’s got good body and great taste.

But since we also want you to try something special, we would like you to try La Virgen. It is a beer made in Madrid, relatively young but that already has a very interesting range of beers. You can taste them as well as some delicious dishes in El Callejón de la Virgen in Malasaña.

Other excellent breweries in Madrid

Now if you want to taste more traditional beers in a good atmosphere and snack on something yummy, we have some places for you.

Craft against the Machine is a brewery on Calle Embajadores that focuses on national high quality beers. They also serve tasty food to enjoy with your drink.

Bee Beer is a craft brewery right in the center of Madrid. Very friendly staffed and has a rich selection of cheeses that go really well with their beers.

Cervecissimus is a small shop that sells craft beers and some more industrial ones. The snack menu offers some good bites too. The best thing is that if you like some you can take some bottles home if you loved them.

La Mayor Cervecería, in this classic environment is perfect to sit and enjoy a good beer and excellent quality food very close to all the tourist attractions of Madrid.

And you know that if you want to try the best cuisine in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us here. We will take you to know the best food and drinks available in the capital of Spain!