Spanish cuisine is known throughout the world for several dishes but few as famous as the omelette. This humble dish is delicious, simple and has immense potential. Although today it can be found in many restaurants abroad, tourists still come to Spain looking for the best potato omelette. So that you do not leave without tasting it, WabiHost tells you where you can find the best potato omelette in Madrid, a little of its history and how to make it at home.

Brief history of the tortilla

The truth is that nobody knows exactly how this famous dish originated. However, there are theories, of course. The most accepted one is that it was created by a humble peasant woman in Navarre, Spain in the 19th century. A great yet hungry general of the army knocked on her door and she had nothing but roasted potatoes and eggs. Well, coping with what she had, she mixed these two ingredients and the tortilla was born.

That is the legend but the truth is that there is no reason to believe that it was not already prepared at that time. Sadly, we’ll never know for sure.

Where to eat the best potato omelette in Madrid

As with the simplest dishes, there are not two chefs who do it the same. It’s funny how simple preparations like bread, which has two or three ingredients, might taste completely different depending where you go. This may be because when there are few items on a plate, there is nowhere to hide. There is nothing to cover the bad taste if something goes wrong.

So, if you visit Madrid, you will not want to take away a disappointment. La Buha’s tortilla in La Latina (and now also in Chueca) is very famous for being giant, delicious and filled with different ingredients. One is enough for 3 people to eat.

However, if you want to try something simpler but equally delicious, you can cross the street from that place and eat at Juana La Loca. The pincho de tortilla with caramelised onions is juicy, scrumptious and will also allow you to taste other delicacies.

If I do not make it at home, I buy my tortilla at Casa Dani, in the Mercado de La Paz in the Salamanca district. It is simply spectacular and for me, undoubtedly the best potato omelette in Madrid.

Now if you have already tried them all and are looking for something new you should go to Las Tortillas de Gabino. Flavourful and featuring unique combinations but at slightly higher prices.

How to make a good potato omelet

If you want to try it at home, we’ll give you a recipe and tips to nail it.


  • 5 medium potatoes
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 white or yellow onion
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices.
  2. Chop the onion.
  3. Cook the potatoes and onions in plenty of extra virgin olive oil and when they are lightly browned, drain the oil.
  4. Beat the eggs (which should be at room temperature) with the salt and add the potatoes and the onion.
  5. In a hot pan over medium-high heat and with a little oil, pour the mix.
  6. When you see that it has created a curdled layer on the bottom of the pan, turn it around with the help of a flat plate or the lid of a pot.
  7. Cook it on the other side to taste. If you like it juicy, the inner temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. A kitchen thermometer is helpful but not essential. You can also check the surface making sure it is slightly soft to touch.


  • The potatoes you use are very important. Choose a variety that does not have a floury texture or they will mash. For example, look for Spunta or Kennebec potatoes.
  • The eggs must be fresh and free-range. They can be pricy more but you will notice the difference.
  • The onion gives a particular sweetness and more moisture to the tortilla. If you have time you can slowly confit or caramelise the onions apart to give it a very special touch.
  • Do not be afraid to turn it around. If you hesitate, it will brake.
  • You can also fill it with ham and/or cheese by pouring half of the preparation into the pan. Arrange the slices you want and cover them well with the rest of the potato and egg mixture. Make sure there’re no gaps or the cheese will ooze out. 

    Enjoy a fantastic potato omelette and many other delicious Spanish dishes with WabiHost. Book your walking foodie tour on your next visit to Madrid.